Glacéau Vitaminwater

Glacéau Vitaminwater

Glacéau vitaminwater has always been a simple idea. Start with water. and then add bold, fruity flavours and just the right amount of sugar to make it delicious. Finally, top it off with a little extra nutrition. Genius, and it never would’ve happened if someone hadn’t looked at a plain bottle of water and said, “what if this was a little better?” making things a little better is what makes glacéau vitaminwater great. Glacéau vitaminwater, the pioneer of the nutrient-enhanced water beverage category, is available in over 26 countries. 


The objective of this project is to characterize Vitaminwater as a youthful and bold brand. Hence, appeals to the target audience aged between 18-22. The deliverables includes a 10 and 30 seconds commercials, a creative box set (direct mail), print ads and postcards.

Medium: Print ad, online video, mixed media
Contribution: Research, ideation, production, post-production)